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'The author has that special quality which just jumps off the page. The voice is strong and the sense of place so powerful.'

James Bradley
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    'All Kinds of Fur' (South of the Sun)

    When asked to contribute to a new anthology of Australian fairy tales, Danielle turned out 'All Kinds of Fur', a particularly nasty little story based on the Grimm brothers' tale of the same name. The only story in the collection to warrant a trigger warning, 'All Kinds of Fur' references the famous thylacine jawbone pincushion held by the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery and is published alongside a beautiful illustration by Sarah Hart.

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PR Don Weston Pedder beach 2.jpg Work-in-progress

In the winter of 1972, Lake Pedder drowned. A jewel of Tasmania's southwest wilderness, the lake – along with its iconic pink sand beach – was inundated as part of a hydro-electric scheme. The fight to save the lake attracted worldwide attention and gave rise to the first green political party in the world. Danielle's current project, 'Pink Sand', is a novel-in-progress exploring the human history of Lake Pedder – a place that lives on in the hearts and minds of those who were fortunate enough to see it, and those who can only imagine its beauty. (Picture credit: Don Weston)