Short Fiction

short fiction

‘How to Domesticate a Pirate’
(first published in Through the Clock’s Workings)

Step onto a ship wearing a small black dress that is not enough to protect you from a wind that blows colder over water than it does over land. It forces you to seek warmth in the radiance of a man whose bare feet have the same rough-hardness as deck timber and who smells of brine and varnish. More...

‘None of the Above’
(first published in Island magazine)

In her house on the mountainside, Gretel is almost in the sky. This morning she has been up long enough to watch it turn from black to ochre to shredded pink-grey to its present mottled blue, gradually washing out of itself the bright mark of a three-quarter moon. More...

‘The Point’
(first published in Island magazine)

He came to them by water when they were kids, when the old timber jetty was still there, long before the ferry burned up on the river like cracker night without the bangs. Down they went to meet him, but got there so early that they had to wait for what seemed like hours. More...


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