Marjorie Bligh's HOME: Hints on managing everything

Marjorie Bligh’s HOME: Hints On Managing Everything

More, more and yet more of the domestic goddessery of Tasmania’s housewife superstar

Best known as the inspiration for Dame Edna Everage, Marjorie Bligh was an eccentric and unstoppable tour de force in Australian homemaking.
Want to prevent blistered heels when going without stockings? Rub your damp heels with a cake of laundry soap. 

In Housewife Superstar, Danielle Wood introduced us to the life (three husbands, Campbell Town and Devonport dream homes, inspiration for Dame Edna Everage) and work (countless writings, prizes, cakes, and things knitted, crocheted, sewed) of Mrs Marjorie Bligh: domestic goddess, original recessionista and all-round force of nature.

 The follow-up, Home, collects the finest Marjorie moments in hints, advice, recipes, poems, gardening and travel, all reproduced as facsimile pages from her many famed self-published books—and with new photographs, celebrity appearances and a special foreword by the great lady herself.

What they said

"I don’t think Edna has ever admired anybody as much as she admires Marjorie Bligh." Barry Humphries

"[Marjorie Bligh] casts her immense creativity, originality and insight to the world, come what may" Rodney Croome

"Prepare to become obsessed with Marjorie. She’s a human fascinator—one she made herself." Kaz Cooke

"Want to know how to bake prize-winning lamingtons, make parsnip wine, cure a hangover, maintain a relationship, rear a cockatoo and weave a mat out of plastic bread bags? Marjorie is your lady, and this is your book." Frankie Magazine

"Bligh is a Tasmanian institution… [HOME] is a mixture of good sense, kitsch and the gobsmacking." Sunday Age and Sun Herald

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